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We recently launched a poll to see what you would like to have next. Dating, Shop, Job or Nothing new. Thanks for voting.

Nothing new?

We’re happy to tell you, most of you are already happy and don’t want something new, the rest of you want a Dating Community followed by a shop. We’re afraid, that won’t happen for the moment.

We already checked the Dating Community software, it exists and we could launch this within days, but honestly, that’s too much work. Especially we’re afraid dealing with Nigerian scammers and stuff like that.

Buy and donate

What we’ve done very carefully, is setting up an affiliate shop. Everything you’re interested in from can be found there. The best thing. It’s not more expensive than from Amazon, but every thing you buy, we earn 7-14%. This way you can buy your stuff at Amazon and donate to us. It’s, the U.S. Shop.


So head over to our, funky buy and donate shop. Thanks a lot for donating.