OMFG – Hello – Download

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OMFG is Alex Savage from Edmonton in Canada and is releasing ghost productions. It’s always better to have a female producer in front of a project than a nerdy nerd. Depending on the make up, she looks between 18 and 35 years old.

The whole thing looks like a pretty professional production. There’s more than just one person behind this project. But who cares, it’s the music industry, where nobody asks if something is fake. Probably almost the whole music industry is fake and that’s the way it works.

The demand for illusions seems to be very high. So keep your eyes closed, imagine a lonely young women from Edmonton who is about to rock the whole industry only with her self-produced songs. Illusions are beautiful too.

Listen and download the four released tracks plus the work in progress track from the ghost producer. The first track was Creative Commons licensed.

Read more about the OMFG Hello ghost production.