Top 10 Tracks from Laika

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Laika was the first dog in space and she is also a friendly Creative Commons listener, who shares a lot of tracks in common with our radio. So we asked her to send us her personal Top 10. This time she selected lots of electronic? Why? Just because.

Have a listen to this selection of a free music addict.

Download Professor Kliq – Plastic and Flashing Lights

Download DJad – Hypnotize

Download Pablo GΓ³mez – Supernova

Download O.Z.O.N. – Tropical Storm

Download Ramova – Chewed Up And Spit Out


Buy Mazza – Afterburner

Download JCRZ – Falling Stars (Alternate Version)

Download Ben K Adams – In One Ear And Out Your Mouth

Download SuperdirtΒ² – 3l3ktr0w3rk


Download Retro Promenade – Dan Terminus – Restless Destroyer

Do you like what you hear? Head over to the #hot100 Charts or fire up our radio.