Look mum, there’s a radio show for starfrosch

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Mum look eeeh listen, Robert Bienert from freiΒ² congratulates us with a special radio show on Freies Radio Kassel.

So we’re 13. In the best teenager age. Time for endless rebellion inbetween adolescence and fuck you too.

But hey, we’re excited. It’s birthday and someone celebrates.

Loads of fun with loads of free music. Loads of friends liking, retweeting and sharing our passion with music. We’re young and naiv and still think, we can change the world to a better place with the universal language of music.

Let there be peace, love and freedom for all. Can we really write that? Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen. Yeah, that’s more accurate: Let there be more Eierkuchen in this world. And now everyone: Eierkuchen in this world.


And hey mum, here’s the life stream. Listen to it.

Thuesday, February, 17, 19.00 GMT+1
Eat, sleep, rave, repeat: Wednesday 11.00

Thank you for the ride.