Top 10 Downloads Ever #1

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Today we start a new series. The Top 10 Downloads Ever. Those 10 tracks are coming straight from the #hot100 Charts, which means that those tracks are so popular you can’t stop listening to them. If two people say it’s art, then it is.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Pablo Picasso

So let’s wash


#1 Phfat – If He Can’t Dance ft. JungFreud

#2 Sauniks – Carol of the bells

#3 A Himitsu – Lost within

#4 Koloto – Fox Tales

#5 Joe Simoni – You

#6 Stan Leonard – Walk with me

#7 Caked Up – Blaze the fuck up

#8 MΓΈme – Smile

#9 Final Round – Spark

#10 Steep – It could be you

Still depressed?

Then head over to the #hot100 Charts and find more music.