Now Endeavor – She just came to dance

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We watch our #hot100 Chart statistics very closely and we noticed a huge crowd coming from Asia trough Facebook just wanting this track. Now Endeavor seems to be a funny boygroup with lots of smile in their sound.

Long ago, there were two boys from Detroit. They looked so different from everyone, so they couldnโ€™t figure out where they belonged. They tried Polka, Ceviche, Poutine, Hip Hopโ€ฆ.you knowโ€ฆ. Stuff like that.
After trying every culture in the world, they said to one another, โ€œDamn Iโ€™m hungry, and we donโ€™t fit anywhere (sad face).โ€ However, the boys came to the realization that they ended up fitting in EVERYWHERE. Thatโ€™s pretty much where their music is.

Pop, pop, popular. Damn we’re hungry too.

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