OMFG – Hello

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OMFG is Alex Savage and breaks the internet without a photoshoped butt. She’s from Edmonton in Canada and has just produced one song. We hope that it’s hers.

Btw: We’re absolutly shure, that this is professional marketing, professional arrangement, professional mastering. This track has not been created by Alex. She’s fake. She’s probably pushed by an agency who want’s to look her authentic and real.

My name is Loell Bergen and I started the OMFG project through “Alex Savage” but the whole thing just got to out of hand and she is letting all this undeserved attention get to her so this is why I decided to reveal myself to the public.

OMG a happy song, with a sad story.

[Creative Commons license]

Have a listen to Loell Bergen from Canada. HisΒ work sounds pretty much the same.

Do you want to make a Remix? Here are the stems.