The Taxpayers – Quote Unquote Records

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The Taxpayers started in the basement of The Slime House in St John’s, where Rob was living at the time. The Slime House was a pretty gnarly place; it was a former methhouse, infested with all sorts of creepy-crawlies and overall structurally unsound. After a couple weeks of practice (and beers and adorable dogs) they decided to throw a St John’s Food Not Bombs benefit show at The Slime House. They played some songs, fucked up a few, broke a ton of guitar strings, and probably gave a lack-luster performance. Through all our jackassery, we somehow managed to make friends with two very important people to us: Zach and Michael Love.

Time to pay your taxes.

Download The Taxpayers – And The Damn Thing Bit Him! [Creative Commons license] Download full album.

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