The Buenzli Reboot Party – Impressions

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Last saturday there was the Buenzli Reboot party, a retrospective of the last 20 years of demos coded by sceners. For those not familiar with the demoscene, that’s where short visual programs are coded as a competition. It’s a specialized form of computer art driven by reputation. The Buenzli or Demodays is a yearly gathering of 50-100 coders who participate in this Hackathon you would say nowadays.

The Buenzli invitation from 2011


Characters by various authors, Pixel People

The Buenzli Reboot party was organized by Echtzeit and with a team including starfrosch, and presented by Oleg Lavrovsky and Jörg Berkel.

The demoscene is an amazing pool of digital creativity and will be hopefully also part of the crowdfunded MuDA, the Museum of Digital art in Zurich.

Demos initially where Cracktros, a short commercial at the beginning of every cracked program. There are still active cracking groups like Razor 1911 you might know from serial generators. Most of the demoscene split from the cracking scene and codes independently demos as an art form.

Almost every demo is underlaid with sound. This is where the Netlabel idea initially was born, out of the demoscene. There are still lots of Netlabel sounds archived on Netlabels very fast adopted the Creative Commons licenses and still contribute to the Free Music scene. That’s our connections to the scenes: Demo sounds, Netlabels, Creative Commons and Freedom.

The Buenzli Reboot party took place in a vintage cinema in Berne. The cinema contains a huge collection of analog projectors. In this inspiring atmosphere Oleg showed and explained us the demo collection from over 20 years. The obligatory geek and nerdy beverage and food was: Pizza and beer.

Listen to a radio broadcast from radio RaBe about the Buenzli Reboot party. It’s in Swiss German, even if you don’t understand it, you maybe love how it sounds like.

We hope you have enjoyed the show as much as we did. Here are the one, two, three youtube playlists of all shown demos.

Are you interested more into demos? Check out pouë, where over 60’000 demos are archived.

We have a new starfrosch blogger: Vertigo

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Vertigo is our next blogger from the starfrosch collective. He’s coming from outside the Creative Commons community, but has a undeniable music taste. So we’re happy to have him on board.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Mr. Movember Vertigo to starfrosch!

starfrosch: Could you tell me how you got into music?
Yup. When I was young, my mum was listening a lot to black music. So first, it was Soul and Blues, then black Pop, lead by Prince, Michael Jackson and Tina Turner. Of course, I was into the music, before even knowing about genres. Later Hip-Hop had a strong influence on me and my friends. In my early puberty I said goodbye to the dark violent side of Hip-Hop from the 90’s and stepped into worldmusic (also playing Didjeridoo and Fujara instrument). Not really ideal for dancing, I remained listening at home to worldmusic and sticked to the beats for clubs that were playing Drum’n’Bass, quickly after 2Step. After a long period, where I was more into sports than focusing to music, I found my new addiction: The guitar. Starting to play this instrument, I closed the circle and I’m back into blues or better bluesrock and stonersrock. For clubbing and dancing I still prefer electronic music. My newest discovery is all that NuWave, NuDisco, Deep House stuff that had an immense retro influence.

starfrosch: Where are you from and what’s your favorite place there?
Berne, for good rock concerts in the Reithalle Rössli and for electronic sound Reithalle Dachstock and Dampfzentrale.

starfrosch: What makes music good in your opinion? What do you like?
Music is emotion. Music is art when it is about expressing your emotion and yourself.
There is a lot of energy in sounds, and even in modern music are strong archaic elements, that make you stop from your routine, and let you dive into your inner universe, for a short while at least.

starfrosch: Do you have other web projects running?
Yes. A climbing site: A blog about SEO: And a webshop for survival stuff: Last but not least a facebook page

starfrosch: What are the most important things in your life?
I guess everybody uses the “M” like music word here. Beside that, friends and the offline moments in nature.

starfrosch: What inspires you?
People that are expressing their-self, long before thinking about money.

starfrosch: That sounds interesting. Thank’s a lot for the interview and welcome to starfrosch. We’re looking forward for your first blog post.

Starfrosch Bonus Track Newsletter #7

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Bonus Track Newsletter

Sometimes we’re into the mood for something new. So we created two tracks between love and fuck you too. It’s in Swiss German, so you probably don’t mind about the lyrics.

Here’s the new Bonus Track Newsletter.

The tracks are Creative Commons licensed, you can share them with your friends and all for free download. We hope you like it and wish you a pleasant journey. Enjoy the flight.

…and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

We got you, babe

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We’ve asked you to fill out the very short survey because Google told us, you are between 18-24, male and a pop listener. We never believed that.

So here are the results of our survey and we can say, people who fill out surveys on starfrosch are:

  • Between 35-44
  • male
  • listen to electronic and rock

You probably look like in the above picture (that’s what our instinct says).

Have a close look at the results.




Conclusion: Never believe the Google algorithm, it doesn’t rock and has no groove.

You have voted

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We recently launched a poll to see what you would like to have next. Dating, Shop, Job or Nothing new. Thanks for voting.

Nothing new?

We’re happy to tell you, most of you are already happy and don’t want something new, the rest of you want a Dating Community followed by a shop. We’re afraid, that won’t happen for the moment.

We already checked the Dating Community software, it exists and we could launch this within days, but honestly, that’s too much work. Especially we’re afraid dealing with Nigerian scammers and stuff like that.

Buy and donate

What we’ve done very carefully, is setting up an affiliate shop. Everything you’re interested in from can be found there. The best thing. It’s not more expensive than from Amazon, but every thing you buy, we earn 7-14%. This way you can buy your stuff at Amazon and donate to us. It’s, the U.S. Shop.


So head over to our, funky buy and donate shop. Thanks a lot for donating.