Starfrosch Bonus Track Newsletter #7

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Bonus Track Newsletter

Sometimes we’re into the mood for something new. So we created two tracks between love and fuck you too. It’s in Swiss German, so you probably don’t mind about the lyrics.

Here’s the new Bonus Track Newsletter.

The tracks are Creative Commons licensed, you can share them with your friends and all for free download. We hope you like it and wish you a pleasant journey. Enjoy the flight.

…and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

We got you, babe

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We’ve asked you to fill out the very short survey because Google told us, you are between 18-24, male and a pop listener. We never believed that.

So here are the results of our survey and we can say, people who fill out surveys on starfrosch are:

  • Between 35-44
  • male
  • listen to electronic and rock

You probably look like in the above picture (that’s what our instinct says).

Have a close look at the results.




Conclusion: Never believe the Google algorithm, it doesn’t rock and has no groove.

You have voted

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We recently launched a poll to see what you would like to have next. Dating, Shop, Job or Nothing new. Thanks for voting.

Nothing new?

We’re happy to tell you, most of you are already happy and don’t want something new, the rest of you want a Dating Community followed by a shop. We’re afraid, that won’t happen for the moment.

We already checked the Dating Community software, it exists and we could launch this within days, but honestly, that’s too much work. Especially we’re afraid dealing with Nigerian scammers and stuff like that.

Buy and donate

What we’ve done very carefully, is setting up an affiliate shop. Everything you’re interested in from can be found there. The best thing. It’s not more expensive than from Amazon, but every thing you buy, we earn 7-14%. This way you can buy your stuff at Amazon and donate to us. It’s, the U.S. Shop.


So head over to our, funky buy and donate shop. Thanks a lot for donating.

8 places to find music for your Youtube channel

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You know the problem: Uploading music to Youtube or your Twitch channel can result in a takedown. You did not respect the copyright and content id recognized it.

Avoid Takedowns

You’re looking for music you can use on your Youtube or Twitch channel, without a takedown?

The answer is Creative Commons licensed music. You can even monetize your Youtube channel, if you choose the right license.

Creative Commons licenses are modular.
There’s ND for no-derivates,
theres SA for share-alike and
NC for non-commercial.

What license type?

Using music in your video is a derivate. So avoid ND, no-derivates.
Using music in your commercial video? Avoid NC, non-commercial.
Not licensing your video under a Creative Commons license? Avoid SA, share alike.

Where to find?

To make things easier and speed up the process to find the best music for you, we created the Creative Commons #hot100 charts for you.

Every week we collect the most popular music from the most active Creative Commons platforms.

Especially for commercial Youtubers, we created the #hot100 modify commercially charts with Creative Commons license types you can use commercially.

Other places

Jamendo is the place to go, when it comes to pop and rock genres. You will find over 350’000 tracks with the option to license it for extended use.

Free Music Archive fit’s best fits your needs for indie and rock. It’s full of american taste flavored music.

Dogmazic is the reopened enthusiastic french platform for independent music.

There’s lot’s of Creative Commons music on Soundcloud. Be warned, there are a lot of bootlegs, mashups and remixes that should not be licensed under a Creative Commons license.

CCmixter is the community for Creative Commons. Search the archive through

Netlabels produce a lot of mostly electronic sounds. Quality is no always good.

Looking for sounds, loops, noises? is the place to get all those bleeps and queeeks. 150’000 sounds are waiting to be explored.

All popular in one place

Sick of searching? Just head over to the #hot100 charts and get the popular music of the most important platforms and enjoy broadcasting.


We’re here to help you. Just tweet us or drop us an email.