inje – Kofein i CO2

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Kofein and C02, what else? inje from Beograd are addicted electro pop musicians with excellent production and live skills. Listen to this driving and catchy brainworm with a touch of melancholy.

Electro pop brainworm.

Download inje – Kofein i C02 [Creative Commons license]

Thanks to Radio Scorpio for the tip.

Now Endeavor – She just came to dance

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We watch our #hot100 Chart statistics very closely and we noticed a huge crowd coming from Asia trough Facebook just wanting this track. Now Endeavor seems to be a funny boygroup with lots of smile in their sound.

Long ago, there were two boys from Detroit. They looked so different from everyone, so they couldn’t figure out where they belonged. They tried Polka, Ceviche, Poutine, Hip Hop….you know…. Stuff like that.
After trying every culture in the world, they said to one another, “Damn I’m hungry, and we don’t fit anywhere (sad face).” However, the boys came to the realization that they ended up fitting in EVERYWHERE. That’s pretty much where their music is.

Pop, pop, popular. Damn we’re hungry too.

Download Now Endeavor – She just came to dance [Creative Commons license]

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Piero Nicolini – Impaziente

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So this is a tricky post. We tried to figure out, who’s who. There’s Piero Nicolini, the singer, who smiles in a typical italian style from the photo. The music is made by Amin Habibi, a successful pop, rock dance artist from Teheran in Iran. And last but not least, there’s Farhad Bastami the text author.

Multiculture pop.

Download Piero Nicolini – Impaziente [Creative Commons license]

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Neon NiteClub – I want you

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This sounds like stuff we listened in the 80ies. And we liked it. And we still do. Neon NiteClub like teddy bears, synths and cheesy vocals. We like cheese too. The only astonishing thing is, that they come from Orlando in Florida, but maybe they have found their audience there, where the sun always shines, the aligators eat seniors and synths are bright.

Roar. Retro.

[Creative Commons License]

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The Fisherman – You Don’t Have To

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The Fisherman was born in 1979 in Greece and he lives in his hometown Nafpaktos. He is an amateur guitar player who plays a little bit of piano, harmonica and bass. Sometimes he tries to sing and then he sounds like the Beatles.

Retro pop.

[Creative Commons license]

Download the track at Soundcloud.