Top 10 Tracks from Machtdose

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Machtdose Podcast turns 10 this year. After having played more than 2000 tracks, we kindly asked Roland to send us a kind of top 10. In return he sent us his female singer and producer some kind of best of variation of a top 10.

Thank’s for the astonishing collection from quer pop to strange and intimate songs.

Here are the Top 10 of Machtdose Podcast. Btw: Happy Birthday to the big boy.

Wheelchair Sports Camp – Dance Off

Tutlie – Sky In Your Bones

Miracles of Modern Science – Swipe (feat. Kristin Slipp)

Expandable Friend – The Tidy Ship


adamned.age – Abschied am Tränenpalast

mmpsuf – God’s Retina

Rebeka – Fail


Jeniver Avila – Aixi On Som

Schikane Rollte – Frau Schmidt

Toos Ligtenberg – Wind in de rug


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Thank you Wired, thank you Teresa

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Teresa Sickert contacted us on Twitter and asked tons of questions to write an article about Netzmusik, Markus and the #hot100 Charts in Wired Germany.

Thanks a lot! We’re honored.

Der Schweizer Markus Koller liebt Musik. Deswegen hat(te) er eine Band und begann vor dreizehn Jahren, auch über Musik zu schreiben. Mittlerweile präsentiert er auf seinem Blog Starfrosch die Charts der wahren Netzmusik, die Künstler unter Creative-Commons-Lizenzen ins Netz stellen.

Er hebt die ganz besonderen Schätze des kreativen Untergrunds.

Enough words, head over to the #hot100 Charts and choose your music.

Top 10 Tracks from Hannes

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Hannes has turned into a free music nut after the music industry defrauded OiNK’s Pink Palace of its rightful existence.

Here are 10 free tracks in a variety of styles and from different sources. Be inspired!

This is an amazing Top 10 from a fellow Creative Commons music listener. Oh yeah, we like it.

So Let’s Begin (feat. Jeanette Robertson) – Kognitif

Limbo Deluxe – Ekivokados (Waiting for the judgment day)

Taxi Brouss’ – Nani Bokondey

Step By Step – Dubosmium Feat. Dubzoic

Broke One Skank – Titus Twelve


Icarus – Trash80

Trinodia – Epic Feel

Lifetime Space – Senseharmonic

Screw-Jay – Line of sight

Lauge & Baba Gnohm – Southern Hemisphere

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Top 10 Tracks from Intangible 23

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Intangible 23 is a podcast from Las Palmas on the sunny Gran Canaria islands in Spain.

We have been visiting Gran Canaria (Puerto de Mogan) several times and it was always a good, good time with friends and family.

Next time we’ll make sure to visit Ayoze Garcia Gonzalez, who’s the man behind the eclectic Creative Commons music podcast Ingangible 23.

Have a listen to this truly independent selection of a Creative Commons podcast.


Voda-i-Ryba – Skip It

Víctor Sequí Acting Trio – One

Salomé – Páguenme

Santana – Encuentros en la Cuarta Fase (Rmx) feat. El Ultimo Suplicio

NegrøNegrø – Sin Perdón

Szmaty – Wodolot poranny

Ludovik Material – Večerni program

Fajardo – Muñecos

The Rabbit Theory – Bei Liebe brennt’s

Wisdom Tooth – Shania

The Top 10 of death

…and now take a deep breath, motherfuckers.


AmortE – The Death Tunnel

Leenox & Mr. Moods – Death Track (Prototype 68 Burn In Hell Mix)

Juan Angel Italiano – La muerte, esa

FENSHU – Their Electronic Death

Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Death Has Taken It’s Toll On Me

Husares de la muerte – Tango de la muerte

Sónia Amen – Deixai Entrar A Morte

Seuora – Hate the Dead / Envy the Living

Penny Pennassi – Morte

Coro Anthèa & Renzo Vigagni – Veni Redemptor

Do you like what you hear? Head over to the Intangible 23 Podcast and get your kick from the Canary Islands.

Top 10 Tracks from The Fisherman

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Have you ever heard something good from Greece the last few months? We have.

We heard The Fisherman from Nafpaktos playing very, very pop and he is often compared to the sound of the Beatles. For us he collected his very special top 10 list. And what you expect from an artist who likes what he does? He also selected his own tracks.

Have a listen to this selection of a Creative Commons music artist.

WJLP – Sweet Cherry Pie – Rotterdam, Netherlands

WJLP – Listen Girl – Rotterdam, Netherlands

WJLP – Stick With You – Rotterdam, Netherlands

WJLP – Operation Interstellar – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Kathy Freeman – Three Little Questions – Berlin, Germany

The Fisherman – Empty Fool – Nafpaktos, Greece

The Fisherman – Drawing Suns – Nafpaktos, Greece

The Fisherman – The Way Back Home – Nafpaktos, Greece

The Fisherman – Against My Will – Nafpaktos, Greece

The Fisherman – God Only Knows – Nafpaktos, Greece

Do you like what you hear? Head over to the The Fisherman and fill your ears with sound.