Thank you Wired, thank you Teresa

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Teresa Sickert contacted us on Twitter and asked tons of questions to write an article about Netzmusik, Markus and the #hot100 Charts in Wired Germany.

Thanks a lot! We’re honored.

Der Schweizer Markus Koller liebt Musik. Deswegen hat(te) er eine Band und begann vor dreizehn Jahren, auch über Musik zu schreiben. Mittlerweile präsentiert er auf seinem Blog Starfrosch die Charts der wahren Netzmusik, die Künstler unter Creative-Commons-Lizenzen ins Netz stellen.

Er hebt die ganz besonderen Schätze des kreativen Untergrunds.

Enough words, head over to the #hot100 Charts and choose your music.

The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Tales Of A Dead Fish

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The Freak Fandango Orchestra is a multi-ethnic band from Barcelona (Spain). The band is performing live since 2007. You can see them a lot around Barcelona but they also play at international venues, like for example at the New York Gypsy Festival 2011.

To celebrate over 400’000 downloads of their album Tales Of A Dead Fish we ask you to dance wild and uncontrolled. Uncontrolled.

Heissa, hossa, gipsy kings.

Download The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Requiem For A Fish [Creative Commons license]

Download full album.

Get more on the FMA.

Eric Dingus – lost… without u

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“The lyrics, beats, an indication that things are fucked up, and we’re not gonna sit here and take it,” Mike said of Eric’s first exposure to rap. “We’re gonna point that shit out and get in everybody’s face about it. This needs to be said.”

Thank’s a lot Eric Dingus for this extraordinary track. A blend of Scotch with rap elements and electronica background flows gently down the ears. Melancholic we stand here and leave you alone with this track.

Melancholic electronica rap.

Download Eric Dingus – lost… without u [Creative Commons license]

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Hooket – Love Me Again

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19 year old electronic producer Hooket hails from always fancy Barcelona. With his first track he amazed a lot of people. Simple melodies and simple arrangements form a simple summer track. Deep House, Tropical House and Chill out, that’s what he likes.

Easy to consume tropical house.

Download Hooket – Love Me Again [Creative Commons license]

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D8thWonder – Breaking News

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Male, 60% Pop, 20% Hip Hop, 10% R&B, 5% Soul and 5% Reggae is D8thwonder‘s self description and it fits pretty good for his soulful pop influenced Hip Hop.

Breaking News sets in the CC #hot100 charts and pleased many listeners and downloaders.

“Ha!” D8wonder says, “I’m a video, print and fashion model” rhymes smooth and vanishes in the world-wide depth of the internet as the king. Maybe he’s here to stay. We’ll see.

Soulful Hip Hop with a Pop taste.

Download D8thwonder – Breaking News [Creative Commons license]

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