Lyonn – Iceberg

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We’ve been asked why we don’t write about indie. We do, but not too often, because it often sucks too much and we don’t suffer enough.

Screaming guitar, aspirate singer, left piano, suffering drums and a bass full of pain searching for love: That’s what Lyonn bring to you. Lyonn are basically Tyler Gelrud and Attila Yavuzer, two young guys, who spent an inordinate amount of time traveling until they bumped into each other.

The last thing I wanna see is you.

Download Lyonn – Iceberg [Creative Commons license]

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MayaDog – Memento

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Paolo is MayaDog and lives and was born in Florence, Italy. If you ever have a chance to go to the Tuscany, be sure to visit Florence with its beautiful historic architecture.

Paolo is an autodidact who learned to play the piano and studied the acoustic guitar. He likes orchestral instruments, but his greatest love is the saxophone and the trumpet. His music is instinctive and his goal is to get it straight to the belly and heart of the listeners. He does not have a favourite genre, it changes with his mood and moment.

In Memento Paolo combines classical and latin jazz with an orchestral arrangement.

Melancholic and sweet piano melodies.

Download MayaDog – Memento [Creative Commons license]

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HoneyChrome – Daylight Animal

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HoneyChrome is crossing pop, alternative & electronic treasures. Armed with a laptop, Kaossilator, kicks, a affordable mic and a vision, he is carving a unique path in today’s musical landscape. He paint with emotions, produces with love, dances for fun and sings for delight.

The queer weirdness in his production result in some attraction. Is it bad taste or just the unexpected and unheard style that makes it fascinating? If you don’t know what it is, it’s probably crap or art.

Nobody said mainstream.

Download HoneyChrome – Daylight Animal [Creative Commons license]

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The Dada & The Weatherman – Rocking Out

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Dada was born in the 88th year of the twentieth century under the oddly common name of Jonathan. Dada sounds definitely better and is art as well that turns 100 in 2016. Dada has been living his youth in and around Paris. He found his passion for rock’n’roll and music when he was 16 years old after the discovery of his father’s old records.

Influenced by Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and the Stones Dada discovers different music genres like folk with Bob Dylan or Neil Young.

Rock it, but who’s the Weatherman?

Download The Dada & The Weatherman – Rocking Out [Creative Commons license]

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Kaceo – Ta plume

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Switzerland has four languages, one of them is french. Kaceo are a group of five musicians from Geneva singing and playing french chansons. Kaceo exists on stage since 2013, but they are active on the internet since 2007 and have reached over 150’000 listens.

Vocals, Accordion, Guitar and Drum dominate the light and fleet-footed style that makes you wanna dance and sing along.

Oh yeah, dance mon amour, dance.

Download Kaceo – Ta plume [Creative Commons license]

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