Keith Charles – Awful Records

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Awful Records are a fucking bunch of fucked up boys and dysfunctional girls. It’s a load of chaos driven freaks making music. The squad is 17 people strong and kicking it. Westwood is @father with original gold teeth. He’s the label boss.

Watch him.

I am a bleeding vagina –@father

Ou Kei. We’d like to have a statement about this from the princess of the label Cunt Witch. Does this make sense to you?

But wait, let us listen to Veni, Vidi, Vici (feat. KeithCharles Spacebar, Young D Frank & Ethereal).

Freakin’ fuckin’ fucke’ hop.

Download Keith Charles – Veni, Vidi, Vici [Creative Commons license]

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Lie Craze – fwonk Netlabel

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Lie Craze is the female Berlin based electro pop artist with catchy, honest lyrics and sound.

Lyrics are very important to me. When I hear a catchy pop tune but the lyrics are just that same outworn sentence about love or la la la all the time I get really upset over the waste of a good idea.

Lie Craze is a electro punk rock singer in her teenage years with short and pregnant tracks neglecting standard structures and formalities.

Die alive, electro trash pop.

Download Lie Craze – Die Alive [Creative Commons license]

Download full album.

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Thanks to fwonk for the tip.

Top 10 Tracks from Machtdose

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Machtdose Podcast turns 10 this year. After having played more than 2000 tracks, we kindly asked Roland to send us a kind of top 10. In return he sent us his female singer and producer some kind of best of variation of a top 10.

Thank’s for the astonishing collection from queer pop to strange and intimate songs.

Here are the Top 10 of Machtdose Podcast. Btw: Happy Birthday to the big boy.

Wheelchair Sports Camp – Dance Off

Tutlie – Sky In Your Bones

Miracles of Modern Science – Swipe (feat. Kristin Slipp)

Expandable Friend – The Tidy Ship


adamned.age – Abschied am Tränenpalast

mmpsuf – God’s Retina

Rebeka – Fail


Jeniver Avila – Aixi On Som

Schikane Rollte – Frau Schmidt

Toos Ligtenberg – Wind in de rug


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Laika’s Music for Linux Users – Penguin #3

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Did you like Penguin #1 and Penguin #2? So here’s Penguin #3 with a last bunch of music.

Have a lot of fun with the first part of Penguin #3.

Download Hot Fiction – No Soul

Download Pornophonique – Sad Robot

Download ‘Etikit – One Ride

Download Danish Daycare – A Purpose to My Sins

Download The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Tales Of A Dead Fish

Download Jammin Inc. – Was ist härter V2

Download Hash – Brainwasher

Download Superdirt² – 3l3ktr0w3rk

That was Penguin #3 from Laika. We hope you enjoyed it like we did.

Pssst. You want to download all 3 Penguins plus bonus tracks at once? Here’s the timely limited Dropbox link.

Laika’s Music for Linux Users – Penguin #2

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Well, what to say about mysterious Laika? She sends us music we can’t get out of our head. You enjoyed Penguin #1, so have fun and enjoy Penguin #2.

Download Machweo – Tramonto

Download Figures in Motion – Copenhagen

Download General Fuzz – Comfort Zone

Download Loudog – Burn Down The Castle

Download Heifervescent – Kaleidoscope

Download Spiedkiks – The Day Before

Download Pablo Gómez – Sine qua non

Download Ditto – Ditto Ditto

Download Nanowar – METAL-LA-LA-LA

Download Ben K Adams – In One Ear And Out Your Mouth

Did you like Penguin #2? Have a listen to Penguin #1.