Dylan Hyde – Anthem

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Have you heard Anthem already? Singing is one of Dylan Hyde‘s talents. His whole family was surprised. His fast growing fanbase motivated him and his family to move to LA to further develop his career.

This paid off in working with producer Babyface. Dylan met Cody Simpson and legendary music manager Johnny Wright. Wright has launched the biggest names in Pop music like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and Jonas Brothers.

Watch out for sweetest R&B with a lot of potential.

Download Dylan Hyde – Anthem [Creative Commons license]

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Keith Charles – Awful Records

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Awful Records are a fucking bunch of fucked up boys and dysfunctional girls. It’s a load of chaos driven freaks making music. The squad is 17 people strong and kicking it. @father has original gold teeth that go to eleven. He’s the label boss.

Watch him.

I am a bleeding vagina –@father

Ou Kei. We’d like to have a statement about this from the princess of the label Cunt Witch. Does this make sense to you?

But wait, let us listen to Veni, Vidi, Vici (feat. KeithCharles Spacebar, Young D Frank & Ethereal).

Freakin’ fuckin’ fucke’ hop.

Download Keith Charles – Veni, Vidi, Vici [Creative Commons license]

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Lie Craze – fwonk Netlabel

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Lie Craze is the female Berlin based electro pop artist with catchy, honest lyrics and sound.

Lyrics are very important to me. When I hear a catchy pop tune but the lyrics are just that same outworn sentence about love or la la la all the time I get really upset over the waste of a good idea.

Lie Craze is a electro punk rock singer in her teenage years with short and pregnant tracks neglecting standard structures and formalities.

Die alive, electro trash pop.

Download Lie Craze – Die Alive [Creative Commons license]

Download full album.

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Thanks to fwonk for the tip.

Top 10 Tracks from Machtdose

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Machtdose Podcast turns 10 this year. After having played more than 2000 tracks, we kindly asked Roland to send us a kind of top 10. In return he sent us his female singer and producer some kind of best of variation of a top 10.

Thank’s for the astonishing collection from queer pop to strange and intimate songs.

Here are the Top 10 of Machtdose Podcast. Btw: Happy Birthday to the big boy.

Wheelchair Sports Camp – Dance Off

Tutlie – Sky In Your Bones

Miracles of Modern Science – Swipe (feat. Kristin Slipp)

Expandable Friend – The Tidy Ship


adamned.age – Abschied am Tränenpalast

mmpsuf – God’s Retina

Rebeka – Fail


Jeniver Avila – Aixi On Som

Schikane Rollte – Frau Schmidt

Toos Ligtenberg – Wind in de rug


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Laika’s Music for Linux Users – Penguin #3

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Did you like Penguin #1 and Penguin #2? So here’s Penguin #3 with a last bunch of music.

Have a lot of fun with the first part of Penguin #3.

Download Hot Fiction – No Soul

Download Pornophonique – Sad Robot

Download ‘Etikit – One Ride

Download Danish Daycare – A Purpose to My Sins

Download The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Tales Of A Dead Fish

Download Jammin Inc. – Was ist härter V2

Download Hash – Brainwasher

Download Superdirt² – 3l3ktr0w3rk

That was Penguin #3 from Laika. We hope you enjoyed it like we did.

Pssst. You want to download all 3 Penguins plus bonus tracks at once? Here’s the timely limited Dropbox link.