Anitek – Dusted Wax Kingdom

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Anitek is a Trip Hop Producer from New Jersey who moved to Switzerland and wifed there. He has been playing piano for 15 years, along with cello, clarinet, guitar, bass, drums and is also a scratch DJ.

He often incorporates genres such as Chill out, blues, jazz, funk, Electronica, Lounge, Soundtrack, Ambient, and old-school Hip hop into his music, creating a lush, melodic Soundtrack for either Lyricists, Commercials or film.

On this LP he collaborates with Tab.

Relaxed turntableism trip hop.

Download Anitek – Back to me [Creative Commons license]

Download full album.

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Thanks to Dusted Wax Kingdom for the tip.

Chill Carrier – 80s

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Sebastian Kretzschmar is Chill Carrier from Chemnitz. This time he abducts us into the 80s. Synths, synths and a calm melody.

High quality versions are available for purchase or uncomplicated licensing, just get in touch.

Take your Testarossa to a test drive.

Download Chill Carrier – 80s [Creative Commons license]

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Milennia Sunshine – Beats With Love

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Need some love? Some beats? Milennia Sunshine spreads them. Straight from Zossen in Germany she produces all kinda house styles. Here’s a Deep House track with some uplifting beats, the way you like it.

Are you more into minimal? Her latest track Summer Vibes is there for you. She has a star in her Soundcloud name, which is probably a good sign 😉

Deep, deep house and minimal to dance to.

Download Milennia Sunshine – Spring Beats With Love [Creative Commons license]

Download Milennia Sunshine – Summer Vibes [Creative Commons license]

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Patrick P. – Et moi

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Patrick P. from Austria, where they speak german and electronic, produces easy to digest minimal tracks. Get your boombox, grab your vegan sausage and go out to the lake chillin in the afternoon. Patric P. will accompany you with Et moi.

Chillin’ melodic minimal.

Download Patrick P. – Et moi [Creative Commons license]

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Thank you Wired, thank you Teresa

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Teresa Sickert contacted us on Twitter and asked tons of questions to write an article about Netzmusik, Markus and the #hot100 Charts in Wired Germany.

Thanks a lot! We’re honored.

Der Schweizer Markus Koller liebt Musik. Deswegen hat(te) er eine Band und begann vor dreizehn Jahren, auch über Musik zu schreiben. Mittlerweile präsentiert er auf seinem Blog Starfrosch die Charts der wahren Netzmusik, die Künstler unter Creative-Commons-Lizenzen ins Netz stellen.

Er hebt die ganz besonderen Schätze des kreativen Untergrunds.

Enough words, head over to the #hot100 Charts and choose your music.