Libertalia! – Funkvieille

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Libertalia! hails from the California Riviera and describes itself as “modern American dance music with significant elements of Jazz, Rock, Reggae and World Beat.” Libertatia (also known as Libertalia) was also a fictional anarchist colony founded in the late 17th century in Madagascar by pirates.

The 16 minutes (!) long track Funkvieille propels Libertalia! into a unique echelon: creators of dance music which incorporates many compositional elements. A funky bass, well set choruses and power chords are just some of these elements.

We can’t wait for more of that funky stuff. For sure we will follow Libertalia! and her pirates.

Get that pirate funk.

Download Libertalia! – Funkvieille [Creative Commons license]

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Top 10 Tracks from Vaganto

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Have you ever wondered what our new bloggers music taste is? Here are vagantos top 10 in no specific order. Have a listen.

Leah RosierIrie (N-Tone Dub Remix) [Dan Dada Records]

Anitek feat. Sara GreyDark City [Dusted Wax Kingdom]

Jammin IncWe Fear No Evil

Laffe the FoxHyper Trouble [ Project Chipmusic Heroes]

Bit ShifterReformat the Planet [ 8 Bit Peoples]

Joel EnzoJose [ Prozent Music]

Ill Papa GiraffeBetter Believe it [Black Lattern Music]

Cabalo & Beat Funk – Yippi Yappa (Medippkiky Remix) [Latino Resiste! ]

JambassaCobo Combo Thing [A Quiet Bump Netlabel]

Boogie BelgiqueSmile [Dusted Wax Kingdom]

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Spotlight: Silver Field Records

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Today we would like to present you a new article series. The Record Label Spotlight features various excellent record labels who release under a Creative Commons license or for free download.

This time we did a short interview with Vytis Endless, the record label owner from Silver Field Records.

Please introduce you and your record label to our listeners.
All my music  can be found at

What’s your focus with your record label? How do you choose the artist’s/releases?
Our main focus is to share underground music with people around the world. We are always looking for unique artists with a future and a fresh taste of music. If you are a groovy or atmospheric producer who is pushing boundaries and dives deeper into dub, techno or ambient sounds – send us a demo and we will take the trip. Keep the roots and the culture alive.

What Creative Commons license are you using and why have you chosen it?
Currently Silver Field Records is registered with the Record Union music distributor for piracy reasons.

Please pick three albums from your back catalog that are best representing your record label. Why did you choose them? Can you tell us something about the artists?
My personal favorites from the catalog are Winter, Termination and Forest (Ultimate Edition).

Although there are more cool EP’s and Albums that I like. These three stand out very nicely and fit my mood every day. So far I’m the only Artist on the Label.

Why do you give away the music for free?
I believe that music has to flow free without weights. If somebody wants to support the artists or the label, they always can download the whole discography and still donate a thumbs up.

How are you connected networked within your country and worldwide?
Communication and the promo side of project lies on Facebook, Soundcloud and a few other social and music pages.

Do you have new or upcoming works that can be interesting for listeners?
There are no deadlines, so new music comes out of the blue.

What did we forget to ask?
We think there is a lot to do as a label owner.
Are you looking for a graphic designers or audio engineers to work with you?

No, everything I do on my own. I have few side projects, audio mastering, photography and graphic design. I’m a growing producer and an artist with a hobby that delivers a cool outcome.

Thank you very much for your answers.

Top 10 CC Tracks from Machtdose according to the alphabet

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We love lists. Hot, long, short, weird. This list fits more the category weird. Ronsens gave us access to his 2000 tracks he every played on his Machtdose podcast. Our creative department got active. We took all tracks from 2015, sorted them by artist name from A-Z and woooooo (sic!) here are the top 10 tracks from Machtdose according to the alphabet. Have a listen.


adcBicycleThat Hill It Has Already Gone Away


Arrogalla meet Ratapignata – Mama Dub

Lists are lists and top is top. Get more excellent music on the #hot100 2015 genre charts.

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