Top 10 Tracks from frei²

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frei² is Robert Bienerts podcast and live radio show on Freies Radio Kassel. He’s an original Creative Commons podcaster since years and knows the scene very well.

That’s why we asked him, to send us his personal Top 10. As long as it rocks, Robert likes everything from various genres.

Here are his Top 10 #rock from the #hot100.

Lenzi Brothers – Infecção do Amor

The Prefab Messiahs – College Radio

Antarcticbreeze – High Voltage

The Woolly Hats – Not The Only One

The Fisherman – Empty Fool


Pheasant – Never Coming Back

Backnbloom – Into the Wild

Greater Than Or Equal To – Silent Treatment

Meadow Sinners – War

The Gateless Gate – Spring Hum


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Top 10 Tracks from Ryno The Bearded

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Ryno The Bearded is a radio DJ running his own listener voted Creative Commons radio show. He’s currently in Paris, heading for Amsterdam for a concert. Good luck. You want to know what the listeners voted for this year on the #OO Show?

Here are the top 10. Enjoy.

The Impossebulls – The GetBack (Dr. Mindflip’s Medicinal Mix)

Tutlie – Sky In Your Bones

Mike Phirman – Chicken Monkey Duck

Fitzzgerald – Catherine


Ramova – Fix ya glasses

Shinobu – The void

Cassette Tape Bandits – Kids say the darndest things

Boogie Belgique – Forever and ever

Vienna Ditto – This is normal

Dada Weatherman – Fuck it


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The.madpix.project – Liquid Blue

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Daniel Brunner very successfully runs The.madpix.project from Munich, Germany (what else). He plays as a DJ on marriages (for real) and party’s, has his own home studio and an excellent ear (it’s not the gear, baby).

Have a zip on his latest production Liquid Blue. Styled house, the way everyone likes it.

Have a Liquid Blue or two.

Download The.madpix.project – Liquid Blue [Creative Commons license]

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Dylan Hyde – Anthem

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Have you heard Anthem already? Singing is one of Dylan Hyde‘s talents. His whole family was surprised. His fast growing fanbase motivated him and his family to move to LA to further develop his career.

This paid off in working with producer Babyface. Dylan met Cody Simpson and legendary music manager Johnny Wright. Wright has launched the biggest names in Pop music like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and Jonas Brothers.

Watch out for sweetest R&B with a lot of potential.

Download Dylan Hyde – Anthem [Creative Commons license]

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Keith Charles – Awful Records

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Awful Records are a fucking bunch of fucked up boys and dysfunctional girls. It’s a load of chaos driven freaks making music. The squad is 17 people strong and kicking it. @father has original gold teeth that go to eleven. He’s the label boss.

Watch him.

I am a bleeding vagina –@father

Ou Kei. We’d like to have a statement about this from the princess of the label Cunt Witch. Does this make sense to you?

But wait, let us listen to Veni, Vidi, Vici (feat. KeithCharles Spacebar, Young D Frank & Ethereal).

Freakin’ fuckin’ fucke’ hop.

Download Keith Charles – Veni, Vidi, Vici [Creative Commons license]

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